#GreenLightGlenvar - Auckland Council Backtrack


The Glenvar Road project our community fought so hard for has been deferred in Auckland Council’s recently released emergency budget.

After our petition and presentation to Auckland Transport in 2018, the Glenvar/Glamorgan/East Coast Rd upgrade was announced in the Regional Land Transport Plan and given a 1A priority. Plans have since been drawn up, consulted on and confirmed. Geotechnical work was underway.

This is a key transport project for the East Coast Bays - upgrading, realigning and signalising intersections on probably the most dangerous road in the Bays for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

$600m worth of confirmed roading projects were given the green light by AT but Glenvar was put in the deferred pile with no indication of when it will re-start.

Glenvar is NOT a project that can be deferred. This is an essential infrastructure project and an essential safety upgrade. We have waited decades for this and we can not wait any longer.

Once again, Erica Stanford MP will be teaming up with Julia Parfitt as well as Local Board members Alexis Poppelbaum and Gary Holmes to mount a massive community campaign to #GreenLightGlenvar.